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VOC - Volatile Organic Compounds:
The Breath-Taking Pollutants.

Among all types of pollutants, VOCs are probably among the most insidious: in addition to causing health problems, they are also disturbing at an olfactory level.

VOCs can release substances over time, even for weeks or months. A particular problem caused by VOCs is olfactory pollution: the air becomes saturated with unpleasant or excessively intense odors. This often occurs near industrial plants of various kinds, causing harm not only to the company's operators but also to passersby or residents in the immediate vicinity.

Usually, the main culprits of olfactory pollution are substances resulting from decomposition and industrial processes involving ammonia, sulfuric acid, skatole, indole, and dimethyl sulfide. For their reduction, HF Group proposes the use of different solutions, calibrated to the type of pollutant to be treated.

The washing tower is a filtering system that reduces the concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds and dust in a gas stream. Thermal oxidizers eliminate odors through the thermal oxidation of pollutant molecules. It is often possible to achieve self-sustaining operation, reducing fuel consumption almost to zero.

Biofilters use a biologically active porous system with an environmental impact close to zero. Activated carbon filters, on the other hand, are used for odors and to remove substances insoluble in water. Here are the filters we propose and customize for our customers.


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