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HF Italy: Where Projects Take a deep Breath

HF Italy stands as the operational headquarters of HF Group, the beating heart that fosters the birthing of projects, technological advancements and customized solutions.


Here, the design and production of our industrial filtration systems, entirely Made in Italy, take place. We guarantee the quality and origin of materials from conception to realization. Everything is managed on-site to maintain perfect control over the quality of each element and the reliability of our systems.

We were born with the aim of achieving great results ethically, both in production and in the development of constructive relationships with partners and collaborators.

At our Italian headquarters, there is a showroom where customers can personally verify the potential of our products. This is also where we conduct training courses for suppliers, installers, and customers, fostering a constant dialogue of growth.

HFiltration S.r.l.

Via Firenze, 69 - LEGNANO (Mi),

20025 - ITALY

Tel.+39 0331 52 74 03

Fax. +39 0331 52 74 84


Every product is tailored to the customer's needs:

  • We conduct on-site assessments to understand requirements.
  • We delve into specific needs.
  • We study the best solution.
  • Feasibility studies are performed.
  • State-of-the-art software is utilized for design.
  • Custom products are developed to optimize results.
  • Every problem is transformed into an opportunity.
  • Continuous assistance is guaranteed.