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HF Polska was founded in the summer of 2018.

Since its inception, it has been involved in providing consultation and selling air filtration solutions. The company markets systems and machines for the capture and treatment of air pollutants in various industrial sectors.


HF Polska collaborates exclusively with HF Group to develop personalized solutions for the filtration and abatement of pollutants from different production processes, offering end customers a turnkey system.

Direct Customer Interaction

In most cases, HF Polska is contacted by clients facing issues related to pollution within their facilities. We promptly engage to thoroughly understand the actual air conditions of the company through a technical site visit. This allows us to grasp parameters and potential constraints to provide a tailored solution.

HF Polska Sp z o.o.

Ul. Legionów 26/28 lok. E-001,
43-300 Bielsko Biała - Polska


Once the system that best addresses the problem is defined, the order is passed to the parent company in Italy. Sharing our knowledge with distributors enables them to independently choose the most suitable solution for the end user's needs.

Made in Italy: A Guarantee of Quality.

The experience and technology transmitted by the Italian parent company enable us to offer the best solution for our customers. We deeply understand their needs and provide what they truly require with utmost responsiveness. No competitor can match our level of service and problem-solving skills.

Having the support of the parent company, with feedback from the entire group, is crucial to meeting customer needs and developing new ideas to satisfy the entire market.

The Made in Italy label is appreciated as a mark of excellence, guaranteeing quality, promptness and creativity.