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We conceive, design and implement cutting-edge systems for the purification and filtration of industrial air. Our priority is environmental protection, workplace safety, and individual well-being

With our customers, we cultivate a relationship built on trust, providing attentive, timely, and customized service tailored to their needs.

This commitment materializes both in the production phase and in after-sales, offering a punctual and reliable presence, creating a genuine and enduring relationship over time.

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We help companies actively, consciously and constructively protect people, production and the environment both inside and outside their facilities. This is achieved through our products and by promoting a culture of sustainability and environmental mindfulness

Our Locations

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HF Italy, based in Legnano (IT):
where projects take a deep breath.

HF Italy: the operational headquarters of HF Group, the beating heart from which projects, technological evolutions, and tailor-made solutions come to life.

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HF Swiss Filtration Systems SA
based in Stabio (CH)

Provides solutions for air pollution control, offering a comprehensive selection of systems and machines to meet the needs of industrial air purification.

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HF Polska SP z o.o.
based in Bielsko Biala (PL)

Since its foundation in 2018, it has been engaged in consulting and sales of systems and machines for the air pollutants filtration and treatment in various industrial sectors.

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