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HF Group
A group with an Italian heart
and European identity

With air filtration, we aim to improve businesses and lives.

HF Group is a company specialized in industrial air filtration; we are committed to enhancing the air quality in the workplace where people operate. Our goal is to reduce risks for workers and the environment by filtering pollutants such as dust and dry fumes, oil mists, and volatile organic compounds.

We design and implement air filtration systems for all types of companies, providing precise consultation and customized solutions for each customer. This leads to improvements in terms of health and safety for the well-being of workers and, consequently, a lower maintenance cost by increasing the efficiency of machinery and resources.

Everything is evaluated and optimized according to the pollutants to be treated and the place where the air filtration system will be installed.

Breathing the right air in a workplace is the best way to get the most out of employees and technologies. Safeguarding air quality preserves the integrity of facilities and equipment and their operation; this means investing in resource management wisely and represents a long-term investment that pays off.

Benefits for individuals

Workers experience immediate and tangible well-being benefits:

  • They operate in a clean environment
  • Productivity increases
  • Creativity and motivation see improvement
  • Interpersonal relationships tend to thrive
  • Reduced incidence of illness
  • Lower risks of cardiovascular and respiratory issues

Benefits for the Company

Companies enjoy both direct and indirect benefits that gain significance over time:

  • Provides a safer workplace by enhancing indoor air quality and visibility
  • Environmental protection is prioritized
  • Compliance with environmental regulations is ensured
  • Lower machinery maintenance costs as pollutants, once filtered, do not compromise production line efficiency
  • Reduces potential machine downtime
  • Cuts down on cleaning costs

HF Group: We have ambitious goals.

The evolution of HF Group began in 1990, initially focusing on the filtration needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Milanese province. Over time, our footprint expanded to cover the entire Lombardy region and Italy.

We grew by developing tailor-made technologies for businesses across various production sectors. We are not content with merely being a supplier; instead, we strive to be a true partner, leveraging our expertise for those who choose to entrust their needs to us.

In 2019, we initiated targeted acquisitions throughout Europe to gain a more international perspective and establish a widespread presence in the EU, responding to market demands.

Today, HF Group comprises three entities: HF Italy, HF Polska, and HF Swiss. These entities consistently innovate the world of industrial filtration while maintaining a focus on the unique needs of each customer.

Our Locations

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HF Italy, based in Legnano (IT):
where projects take a deep breath.

HF Italy: the operational headquarters of HF Group, the beating heart from which projects, technological evolutions, and tailor-made solutions come to life.

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HF Swiss Filtration Systems SA
based in Stabio (CH)

Provides solutions for air pollution control, offering a comprehensive selection of systems and machines to meet the needs of industrial air purification.

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HF Polska SP z o.o.
based in Bielsko Biala (PL)

Since its foundation in 2018, it has been engaged in consulting and sales of systems and machines for the air pollutants filtration and treatment in various industrial sectors.

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