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HF Monitoring

4.0 Monitoring of Your System



HF Monitoring is the system that remotely supervises the functions of your filtration system: it allows technicians to connect to the system in real time and constantly monitor the efficiency of your air filtration system.


In particular, HF Monitoring allows you to monitor operating parameters, check working hours, supervise alarm messages sent via email and/or SMS, check temperature readings, verify the clogging status of filter elements with the reading of the pressure difference (∆p).

HF Monitoring is an intelligent monitoring device that can be applied to any filtration system, even if it is not produced by HF Group.

HF Monitoring

HF Monitoring allows for anticipating potential machine stoppages due to critical conditions, notifies of malfunctions, and makes predictive maintenance truly effective, minimizing potential issues and preserving the life of the system, extending its longevity.

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hf monitoring

HF Monitoring: how does it work?

HF Monitoring activates the monitoring of the operating data of the filtration system and ensures that the parameters always remain within the specified threshold. In case any parameter is not compliant, the system immediately triggers notifications.

Through this system, it is possible to understand the operational status of the machine and report abnormal conditions, including filter clogging level, emission compliance, temperature measurement, and notification of the full dust collection bin.

Once the data is acquired, it will be transmitted to the SIM card, which will send it to the dedicated database.

    Benefits of monitoring your filtration system

    HF Monitoring facilitates plant control, preserves it in the best conditions, extends its lifespan, and reduces maintenance costs.

    Choosing to install HF Monitoring with the purchase of the system allows for significant savings on extraordinary maintenance and prevents production downtime.

    The portal allows you to:

    • Check the filter status remotely on PC, tablet, or smartphone
    • Monitor pressure drops
    • Plan maintenance interventions
    • Report when the dust collection bin is full
    • Verify emission limit compliance
    • Check the operating temperature of the filtration system
    hf monitoring

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