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Technical advice


In this case, it is necessary to approach the request by carefully evaluating environmental specification.

Feasibility Technical Report

To understand which type of industrial filtration system is most suitable for an activity, we always conduct a thorough analysis of the situation and the company's filtration history.

The Feasibility Technical Report details the entire situation, listing evident criticalities.

We check what needs to be modified, changed, or replaced. Thanks to the high degree of engineering in our checks, we can provide a range of options so that the customer can evaluate which interventions to make: whether to revamp or choose a new system.

technical advice
technical advice


Revamping is the total or partial modernization of certain aspects of the air filtration system.

We generally consider it as one of the variables to achieve an appreciable result, although it obviously does not have the same scope as a new system.

We always tend to make at least two commercial proposals: one for the modernization of the existing system and the other with one or more entirely new solutions.

This way, we can offer the customer the opportunity to choose the best solution based on their needs, including economic considerations.

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