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Sustainable in filtration as well as in everyday life.

For us, the environment takes precedence in every action: the filtration systems we produce reduce pollution, enhance the air quality in companies, and improve the quality of life for those working there.

Our commitment materializes at every level within and beyond HF Group: every internal production cycle is designed to recycle as much as possible while consuming as little as possible. Every aspect of company life is structured to encourage employees to be more mindful of consumption and its effects on the climate and nature.



Human And Friendly is our initiative to share intentions, created to engage employees and stakeholders in the charitable activities we undertake. These projects promote the improvement of natural conditions and individuals, raising awareness and involving all those associated with the HF Group world.

Over the years, we have reforested wooded areas, provided aid where it was most needed, and traveled while offsetting the amount of CO2 produced. We have spread our idea of eco-sustainability, making everyone more environmentally conscious.

Here are all the projects we have initiated over the years:

  • Re-forestation of the Human & Friendly area


    "Clean air for a better planet" was the motto guiding this initiative. In 2019, we launched a project to improve air quality and proposed to our customers that for every 5000 euros of orders received, we would plant a tree in a green area we owned.

    The results were remarkable: we planted 320 shrubs, repopulating not only the flora but also the fauna of the area. The project received the patronage of the Parco Alto Milanese Consortium. Today, those trees have grown into a lush forest.

    Within a decade of its creation, this green area will be able to absorb approximately 100 kg of CO2 per day.

  • HF On Tour: From Legnano to the North Cape

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    The Human & Friendly planting project was a highly appreciated success among European partners and customers.

    In June 2019, we decided to embark on a journey to meet them alla eco-friendly motorcycle trip to the northernmost part of Europe to strengthen relationships and make new acquaintances. The experience was shared daily on social media. Upon HF On Tour's return, a precise calculation of the CO2 produced by the motorcycle was made, and twice the number of trees needed to offset the quantity of carbon dioxide was planted, bringing the planet's available oxygen value back into the positive.

  • The Plastic-Free Revolution

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    Sustainability for us also involves being #PlasticFree.

    Since September 2019, we have significantly reduced the use of disposable plastic in common areas designated for dining and coffee breaks, adhering to the 4 Rs rule: reduce, reuse, recycle, recover. Plastic has been replaced with glass, wood, aluminum, and 100% recyclable materials.

    A dispenser for natural and sparkling water has been installed, and employees have been provided with personal stainless steel water bottles. In common areas, including those where meetings with customers are held, ceramic cups, glassware, and metal utensils are used.

    Waste separation is strongly encouraged for everyone in our spaces. We take great care to minimize waste, sensitizing all individuals associated with the company, hoping they will carry these best practices even outside our premises.

  • Akouda Children's Village

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    In November 2019, we provided assistance to the orphanage in Akouda, Tunisia. A delegation from HF Group was warmly welcomed by 100 children and young people aged 5 to 24.

    At the orphanage, a "father" manages the facility, and many "mothers" take care of the children daily, striving to recreate an environment that closely resembles a sense of family. With the support of colleagues and contributions from those working at the COWO in Legnano, we brought over 100 kg of toys, clothes, and school supplies.

  • Mano Amica Association

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    In Christmas 2022, we decided to support an initiative in Africa through the efforts of Mano Amica ODV - an association with which we have direct contact thanks to our colleague Luca Tenconi.

    When he was alive, Giuliano, Luca's father, worked extensively to develop agricultural activities in the city of Raf, Chad. Unfortunately, Giuliano passed away too soon, but his family continued the volunteer work in those areas. The local population has remained very attached to Mr. Giuliano, dedicating the construction of the school to him.

    Thanks to our colleague, we felt involved in the project and decided to support it by donating funds earmarked for Christmas gifts to a just cause