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Certifications: Ensuring Quality Air with HF

Certifications related to our industrial air filtration products are all accredited by third-party organizations. They guarantee the compliance of our products, the processes we follow, the services we provide, and the competence and safety of the people working with us, meeting the requirements set by regulations and European standards.


ESG Certifications

The three pillars of sustainability determined by the European Union are synthesized by the acronym ESG - Environment, Social, and Governance. These are the three elements to monitor and evaluate to assess a company's sustainability. At HF Group, we commit ourselves daily to environmental sustainability, both by creating products that effectively improve the health of the environment and by managing processes, minimizing waste, and ensuring that our company has the least impact possible in terms of resource exploitation.

Additionally, we pay great attention to health and safety levels in every work environment and promote gender equality in full respect of everyone's rights.

Our commitment is tangible at all levels; in 2022, we obtained the first Sinesgy sustainability certification as evidence of the value of our commitment.



ISO Certifications

ISO 9001 This certification ensures the quality requirements of our products through careful and continuous monitoring of processes.


ISO 14001 This certification assures our active management of environmental responsibilities; with our commitment, we contribute to the environmental sustainability of our business.


ISO 45001 This certification validates our commitment, decreeing that we are a company focused on creating the best health and safety conditions in workplaces.


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