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Training and Showroom

Training to keep up with the times

At HF Group, innovations are so frequent that it is important for us to keep our employees, partners, and customers always updated. We have a dedicated training location: our showroom.

Besides being the place where customers can get hands-on experience with our products, it's also where we provide training, and where suppliers, employees, and partners can engage and practice with our technologies.

Training is always customized; there are no fixed programs. Every time a significant update is released or a new product is introduced, we organize the entire training process.

training and showroom
training and showroom

Always updated, always on the ball.

Updates are essential for partner manufacturers and suppliers to provide assistance to customers wherever they are located.

Periodically, we host delegations of partners from various parts of the world for training.

Dealers, in particular, need to know how to deal with an HFiltration system because they will be the repository of information and the customer's first point of reference.

We also provide maintenance training to installers so that everyone involved with the product knows how to get the best from our filtration systems.

Customers are also involved in training, especially during the machinery testing phase, so that they become familiar with their own system. We dedicate training to them, focusing on environmental regulations in accordance with ARPA consultants.

As an air filtration specialist, HF Group is a member of UNIARIA, the reference industry association.

Our technology puts on airs.

Our showroom covers an area of 210 square meters. Here, we always display the most significant systems or those on which we are implementing employee training.

In addition to being the showcase for the solutions we offer, it serves as a training ground where new hires can familiarize themselves with the products. It is the place where we like to host customers to let them appreciate the quality of our systems firsthand.

The showroom is also the ideal location for presentations of technological developments or the launch of new products.

training and showroom

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