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Design and Customization

The perfect filtration system for everyone

Every pollutant has its ideal filtration system, and every company has its filtration needs.

At HF Group, we never settle for offering pre-packaged solutions: we dedicate time and study to each request.

We evaluate the company structure, location, the need for integrating the system into the context, and the customer's requirements.

Once we have received the information and, above all, verified the type of pollutant produced, we proceed to design the filtration system using the perfect technology according to the needs.

Each system is the result of one or more filtration possibilities that we submit to the customer. The project, however, is unique and born from a careful observation of reality.

design and customization
design and customization


Every system is personalized, customized, made unique, and perfect for each individual company. We consider every aspect: from functional to aesthetic, without forgetting costs.

Customizing the filtration proposal also means introducing innovations such as Industry 4.0 monitoring devices and offering a 360° service with real-time assistance from any device.

Even in this, we customize packages, offers, and solutions.

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