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HF Service: Assistance that's there, even when you don't know it.

HF Service is the assistance system provided by HF Group that safeguards and anticipates, resolving potential issues with your industrial air filtration system.

It is a modular assistance system that can be chosen based on your needs and helps prevent and reduce both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of every plant, ensuring maximum efficiency at all times.

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The Advantages of HF SERVICE

The various available solutions allow you to:

  • Prevent potential production stoppages
  • Reduce ordinary and extraordinary maintenance costs
  • Act promptly by scheduling routine maintenance
  • Prevent extraordinary maintenance
  • Entrust your plants to specialized operators
  • Monitor filtration systems remotely
  • Focus on production activities


What do HF Service packages include?

No.2 routine maintenance work
Scheduled routine maintenance including travel
Spare parts in prompt delivery
Spare parts available for prompt delivery at any time
Extended warranty
Exclusively on HFiltration machines (12+12 months)
Extraordinary maintenance work 1 2
Intervention on call or within 72 hours
Discount on spare parts 10% 20% 30%
Digital technical report Every intervention Montly Montly
HF Monitoring contribution (one-time)
Remote technical support with HFMonitoring

Routine maintenance interventions include:

  • Replacement of original spare parts
  • Cleaning of filter unitsi
  • Verification of suction ducts
  • Structural checks
  • Electromechanical inspection
  • Washing of electrostatic cells
  • DP (Differential Pressure) check
  • Release of the end-of-work report

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