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Oil Mist extraction:
Let’s look into it.

Many companies face the need to filter oil mists that develop during production processes involving neat oil or emulsions, which, when grouped together, give rise to greasy and polluting vapors. Lubricants and coolants are pollutants that are often overlooked despite their danger to health. They are used in activities such as heavy metalworking, welding, lubrication of cutting tools, and whenever fluids are needed to facilitate processing or when temperatures need to be varied by washing, rinsing, or cooling parts.

The produced mists are particularly dangerous, with many classified as carcinogenic. To eliminate them, small-sized centrifugal filters are installed on the machine, or modular solutions for centralized systems are ideal for processes with emulsions. For more demanding production sources using neat oil and generating smoke, the most suitable filtration systems are those utilizing the principle of coalescence.

All, when correctly positioned and calibrated, reduce pollutant levels of oil mist. Here are the solutions proposed by HF Group as the most efficient.


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