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Treatment of thermal organic compounds, the case of Tempra3000

In this case, we collaborated with an Italian company, Tempra 3000, which specializes in carrying out various heat treatments in a controlled atmosphere: with the installation of the Venturi Scrubber, we solved several problems faced by the customer. The Scrubber is a filtering system that eliminates the concentration of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and dust present in a gaseous stream. This system is used when substances need to be removed with the chemical reaction of the water. The abatement of VOCs takes place through a process of solubilization of pollutants from the gaseous phase to the liquid one: the contaminated air passes through the lower part of the tower and it is washed in countercurrent at low speed, ensuring the removal of the pollutants.

treatment of thermal organic compounds the case of tempra3000


  • Insufficient suction points for the extraction of quenching fumes.
  • Complex piping line with accumulation points:
  • Undersized suction hoods.
  • Previous system installed was not enough due to its under sizing.


  • Air flow: 30.000 m³/h
  • Air input temperature average: 80 °C
  • Max. air input temperature: 150 °C
  • Recirculation pump: 8 KW
  • Recirculation pump flow rate: 30 m³/h
  • Washing liquid: water
  • Simplification of the piping lines
  • Elimination of dust accumulation points
  • Right sizing og the extraction hoods based on the air flow
  • Piping line speed adjustment to avoid sedimentation
  • Creation of a special suction hood to collect a huge amount of quenching fumes.
  • Reduced operating, energy and maintenance costs.
  • New system with the right size for the complex structure and with a higher air flow volume rate.

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