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Filtration and Extraction of Industrial dust and dry fumes: Breathing a sigh of relief.

Many industrial processes generate fumes and dust. If not properly treated, air contaminated by these pollutants can become hazardous to health, deposit on gears and machinery, and over time, compromise the quality of production. Efficient air filtration thus becomes of primary importance.

The problem can be solved through centralized systems equipped with suction points located within the environment and, specifically, near machinery emitting harmful dust and fumes. The system intercepts residues from the pollutant source and, through a system of ducts and suction, directs them to the filtration area where, utilizing the principle of physical separation, the air is purified before being expelled back into the atmosphere.

Physical separation can occur through cartridge filters, bag filters, with a hydrodynamic filter, or through the centrifugal force of a cyclone separator. Depending on the particle size of the dust and their concentration, it is possible to identify the most suitable technology and sizing.

HF Group offers a range of customizable solutions perfect for addressing this type of need.


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