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HF Swiss Filtration Systems SA

HF Swiss Filtration System SA provides solutions for air pollution control, offering a complete selection of systems and machines to meet the purification and filtration needs of industrial air.


The establishment of the company was driven by the management's desire to expand into the Swiss market. Opening the Swiss branch provided the opportunity to meet the needs of an ever-growing customer base. Given Switzerland's status as a non-EU country, the branch's opening has unlocked numerous opportunities on the customs front and in the local market that were previously unavailable.

Switzerland: A Territory with rich multiple identities

The offices established here have significantly improved direct relationships with the region, establishing HF SWISS as a recognized and reliable partner in air filtration.

Customer relationships vary between two main areas: Ticino and the rest of Switzerland. In Canton Ticino, likely due to a significant presence of Italians, dynamics are very similar to those in Italy.

HFiltration S.r.l.

Via Firenze, 69 - LEGNANO (Mi),

20025 - ITALY

Tel.+39 0331 52 74 03

Fax. +39 0331 52 74 84


In the rest of Switzerland, however, work rhythms and approaches differ, with pragmatism and concreteness being the winning strategies.

Thanks to our strategic location, we cover the Central European market, including the DACH region, Benelux and France, where we primarily collaborate with longstanding partners.

These partnerships have been built on solid foundations over the years, following the same philosophy of trust and continuous growth.

Close Connection with the Italian Parent Company

The partnership with HF Italy is continuous and ongoing, involving training courses, monthly meetings, and activities conducive to improving individual and group working conditions.

Depending on the project's complexity, various departments of HF Group may be involved during different phases, from acquiring the order to its final inspection.

The synergy between Made in Italy and Made in Swiss forms a perfect combination here.