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Solution to oil mist production in the aerospace industry

The case study that we present in this document is about a European multinational company that designs, manufactures and sells civil and military aeronautical products all over the world. The filtration system was indispensable for treating very light oil mists, coming from emulsified oil, connected to drilling operations of composite materials inside the aircraft cabin.

solution to oil mist production in the aerospace industry


  • The operator's need to use uncomfortable masks to avoid breathing in the mists generated by the drilling operations during the assembly of the cabins.
  • Extremely complex pollutant uptake due to the many drilling operations and the concentrations of light and low mists.
  • Very low required values of pollutant concentration in the environment:
  • Due to the constant assembly and disassembly of the nacelle every 3 weeks, there was not the possibility of confinement of the area or fixed ducts installation.
  • Limited work space


  • Total airflow: 30.000 m³/h
  • Total installed power: 52 kW
  • Optimal emissions efficiency:
  • Use of oil-tight pipes for the suction line

Installation of two centralized MIST COMPACT® filters:

  • N°1 MC08TV inside the production unit
  • N°1 MC20TV outside the facility
  • Operators stopped wearing masks, so the work environment became healthier, wich also reduced the costs incurred for the purchase of the masks.
  • Easy and quick assembly and removal of the suction line every 3 weeks that passed through all the workstations.
  • Great economic benefit due to the elimination of the manual cleaning and de-oiling of aircraft cabins at the end of the drilling operations.

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