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The treatment of dry production fumes from the railway industry

In this case, our client is a prestigious Swiss company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and management of machinery dedicated to railway track maintenance through grinding systems. Their facility ncompasses a substantial area exceeding 33,000 m², including four maintenance warehouses. Our primary challenge was to ensure maximum safety for both personnel and the surrounding environment, while preventing dust accumulation and spark emissions during track maintenance operations.

the treatment of dry production fumes from the railway industry


  • Collecting large quantities of dust and sparks on the move.
  • Reaching high temperatures (60 °)
  • Reduced space available for the installation of filtering units.
  • Short life cycle of grinding systems

Customized PULSATRON COMPACT features

  • 2 filters for each wheel group, 7.000m³/h each.
  • Customized fans.
  • Special dust collection unit to be installed in train.

We have developed a customed Pulsatron Compact cartridge filter to be integrated into a train with limited available space, fully compliant with the specifications of the European railway standard EN15085.

  • Saves time between removing and reinstalling filter units inside the carriages.
  • Improved both performance and durability of grinding systems.
  • Reduced maintenance and spring replacement costs.
  • Built in compliance with European railway regulations.

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