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Treatment of oil mist in the automotive industry

In this case study, we describe our collaboration with a well-known German manufacturer of cars and transport equipment for military and civil use. Our intervention was needed to reduce a high concentration of pollutants, more specifically, oil particles and smoke, which were mostly deposited at the factory entrance.

treatment of oil mist in the automotive industry


  • Absence of a filtration system
  • Unhealthy working environment for operators
  • The filter had to be installed on an existing structure.


We protect people, production and the environment in an active, conscious and constructive way by realising air purification and filtration systems. Interaction with the customer is essential for us to provide an attentive, punctual and tailor-made service.


The implementation of the MCOS filtration system has been crucial in addressing the current issue. This system was designed to separate oil and smoke particles from the air in particularly challenging working conditions. By utilizing the coalescence principle, contaminated air flows slowly through multi-layered fiberglass filter elements. As it passes through these layers, the small pollutant particles gradually merge together until they reach macroscopic sizes.

  • Lower running and maintenance costs
  • Better air quality for the working environment
  • Long-term reliability
  • Possibility of shipping filters in modular parts for installation

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