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Treatment of dust in the production of metal fences

The case study we present concerns a polish company, which operates in the metalworking sector. More specifically, it produces metal fences for which it uses numerous technologies such as automatic CNC saws, high-class bending machine but most importantly welding machines that inevitably produce fumes and dust. So, for this specific case we propose a filtering system solution, indispensable to abate welding fumes.

treatment of dust in the production of metal fences


  • Medium - large welding area
  • Inability to implement localized suction for each welding spot
  • Limited space available for filter units
  • Air recirculation in the facility was needed

PULSATRON COMPACT XL technical features

  • Total filter area: 1345 m²
  • Single unit air flow rate: 18.000 m³/h each
  • Total air flow rate: 72.000 m³/h
  • Power installed of each motor: 22kw
  • Total installed power: 88 kw

Installation of four filter lines, each equipped with an eight cartridge Pulsatron Compact XL model with the supplying of a floor fan and four suction lines for air recirculation.

  • High efficiency
  • The piping lines do not create restrictions on the workstations
  • Durability of the filter units
  • Air recirculation and distribution of the air in the environment to maximize aspiration

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